Isacco - Isaac (trailer)
Italia / 2013 / 2K - 2,35 / 15' /

A child is in the park playing with his plasticine figures, that he modeled himself.
His favorite character is Isaac. Isaac is a little boy just like he is, who dreams, hopes and confides in the world.
Isaac is happy because this is the day he will accompany his father on the mountains to help him out. Isaac's father is named Abraham.
The story the child is staging is "Isaac's Sacrifice"

Production  TFILM
Support  Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali (MiBAC), Regione Lazio
Executive Producer  Federico Tocchella
Written and Directed by  Federico Tocchella
Cinematography  Daniele Ciprì
Cast  Anatol Sassi, Mattia Baldelli, Leonardo Russo
Editing  Gianni Vezzosi
Original Music  Giorgio Giampà
Assistant Director Lucille Cristaldi
Sound Editing/Effects  Davide Favargiotti
Sound Mixer Alessandro Bianchi, Angelo Bonanni
Production Design  Carmen De Lillo
Costume Design  Daria Calvelli
Character Concept Federico Tocchella
Character Design Harald Pizzinini, Pietro Ciccotti
Animation & Compositing Federico Tocchella
Isacco - Isaac (trailer)

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Isacco - Isaac (trailer)
Isacco - Isaac (trailer)