L'amore ci dividerà (Love will tear us apart) - Trailer
Italia / 2009 / 2K - 2,35 / 23' /

Inside a frigid and oppressive house, a young couple lives the difficult time of incommunicability. Neither of them suspects that deep inside the other lies an heavy burden, the same painful secret that is hunting each of them. An hamster. 


Production  TFILM di Federico Tocchella
Support  Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali (MiBAC)
Director  Federico Tocchella
Story  Federico Tocchella
Screenplay  Federico Tocchella, Fulvio Nebbia.
Cast  Dario Faiella, Valeria Ghignone
In Collaboration with  CSC production, EDENLAB, IK-Produzioni, E-Motion
Executive Production  TFILM di Federico Tocchella
Original Music  Umberto Smerilli
Cinematography  Gianni Giannelli
Editing  Fulvio Nebbia
Sound Editing/Effects  Davide Favargiotti
Production Design  Paolo Villata
Costume Design  Andrea Sorrentino